Why, people, and publishers prefer
The Pub?

At other social networks, your content makes them rich. Not here.
We recognize social networks derive their value from three places:

– Content creators (publishers, photographers, journalists)
– Influencers
– The actual users themselves!

These three groups increasingly despise the Big Three:
Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, where rules are shrouded in mystery, content isn’t properly valued, and users are increasingly unable to freely interact.


Publish to the Pub

Existing outlets will find in The Pub another network to monetize their content, without any additional work.

Citizen journalists will find the tools needed to market their content direct to both news outlets, and direct to consumers; whether it be articles, news photos, video, or other sought-after content.


Influence & Pub Points:

— A color coding spectrum will help highlight accounts currently driving the conversation (the barrier between entry and influencer can be as small as a few days)

— Users can track the downstream value they’re creating (i.e., 100 of your followers read an article you shared; and 200 of your followers’ followers read it too, and so on)

— This value is compensated via an in-network currency, Pub Points, with actual cash value (users can apply it toward paywalled content and/or cashing out and GETTING PAID!)

— Pub Points are backed with revenue generated from both display advertising & subscriptions to an ads-free experience


Compensated Value & Total Transparency:

— Unlike the Big Three, any rules applied to the Pub will be posted clearly so there’s zero ambiguity

— The Pub Payroll page provides updates on traffic, revenue, and distribution, so users can track in real-time as they help the network grow

— The Pub’s revenue share finally fixes the problems plaguing journalism since the advent of the Internet, enabling a new, profitable era of news.